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1990April 9:Local 36 files Position Statement with the court: Agrees to match money Hammon pays for Master for 4 month period and seeks to file motion to dismiss Hammon case.
1990April 6:Court Status call, Corporation Counsel Reid and Grossman say no agreement exists. Judge refers case to Special Master. D.C., Hammon, Local 36 to each pay 1/3 costs.
1990March 26:Deputy Corporation Counsel tries to present new, nonnegotiated Consent Decree.
1990February 1 - March 22:D.C. and Hammon redraft agreement, include Local settlement on promotions, Mayor authorizes settlement figure. Consent Decree agreed upon.
1990January 29:Court status call, Corporation Counsel switches agreed to Consent Decree, Judge suggest redraft.
1990January 26:Joint meeting of parties, Corporation Counsel agrees to settle Hammon case, continue to work on settlement of joint Hammon/Byrne settlement
1989December 19:Joint Hammon/Byrne letter to Corporation Counsel Valentine to schedule meeting of all parties to continue to work on settlement. Valentine attempting to abort.
1989November 1:Final draft Consent Decree submitted to Corporation Counsel for signatures.
1989October 2:Joint Hammon/Byrne Settlement Proposal submitted to Corporation Counsel Reid. D.C. expresses shock at Hammon/Local 36 settlement.
1989August:Corporation Counsel Reid tells Hammon plaintiffs to settle suit with Local 36 first.
1989July/August:Settlement talks go forward, issues resolved, papers ready for signatures, Corporation Counsel Cooke resigns.
1989June:Progressive Fire Fighters Associations pickets Corporation Counsel’s Office, South African Branch, for racist handling of Hammon case.
1989April 19:Explosive situation led to slayings by firefighter: Tippett said Parson is only one who has reached boiling point over lack of promotions.
1989March 1:Hammon plaintiffs submit comprehensive settlement proposal to Mayor Barry and D.C. officials.
1988June 1:High Court snubs D.C. hiring plan, U.S. Supreme Court declined yesterday to review decision of U.S. Court of Appeals.
1988May 6:Hammon plaintiffs files brief in supreme Court stating case does merit review on grounds of lack of standing of Justice Department and Local 36.
1988March:D.C. appeal firefighter case to U.S. Supreme Court.
1988February 26:Fire Department overtime costs soar: $80 million total in 5 years reported. Costs result from "manning formulas” and racial discrimination lawsuit
1988January 7:Four white captains win promotions to battalion chief under settlement with city and their attorneys receive $150,000 in fees.
1987November 23:D.C. Fire, Police hiring plans back in U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Affirmative Action Cases to be reheard.
D.C. settles Police hiring Plan, foils rehearing of Fire Department case.
1987June 26:D.C. files new Affirmative Action Plan, admits discrimination vs. Blacks.
1987May 7:Fire Chief admits race lies at root of problems in DCFD.
1987April 22:D.C. ordered to answer Hammon Complaint.
1987April 21:New Job Plan ordered for firefighters, D.C. gets 30-day deadline.
1987April 20:Supporters say criticisms by Local 36 of Chief Coleman unjustified.
1987March 25:Supreme Court rulings mad aid D.C. Fire Department’s hiring plan supporting Affirmative Action.
1987February 27:U.S. Court of Appeals in divided opinion throws out D.C.’s 1985 Affirmative Action Plan.
1987January 9:Hammon plaintiffs amend lawsuit, add charges of violation of Constitution for continuing effects of segregation.
1986October 14:Mayor Barry accused of stalling and his inaction is blocking efforts to resolve lawsuit says Progressive Fire Fighters Association. Black Firefighters demonstrate outside District Building.
1986October:Hammon plaintiffs initiate settlement discussions with D.C.
1986June 23:Firefighters lawsuit closer to resolution: All parties submit joint stipulation, approved by court, that named a three member panel to draft a “lawful, job- related, valid selection procedure” for promotions to be completed later this year.
1986February 6:D.C. Fire Promotions delayed because of litigation over affirmative action. No new exam schedule.
1986February 3:City to pay $100,000 to white fireman in lawsuit settlement for back pay and retirement benefits for reverse discrimination.

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