In October of 1970, Black and minority firefighter from various municipalities across the United States, met in New York City for two days of discussion.  As a result of the meetings, the International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters (I.A.B.P.F.F., Inc) was established.  Then in 1970, the PFFADC became a charter member of the IABPFF, Inc.

We are cognizant that the Black community has an abundance of untapped talent to offer. The PFFADC works to improve the economic development and employment opportunities for minorities in Washington, D.C., and internationally.  As Black firefighters, it is our challenge to make the fire services more relevant to the needs and aspirations of minority citizens and communities across the world.

We remain in the forefront of action as we voice our needs and come together to face deleterious conditions that exist in the fire service and local communities. The PFFADC celebrates and recognizes our founders, who had the courage and vision to “speak truth to power” over the many decades.  We “kept the fire burning for justice” to quote founding president David J. Floyd.

Facts of the Experiences of Black Firefighters in Washington, D.C.

1990April 9:Local 36 files Position Statement with the court: Agrees to match money Hammon pays for Master for 4 month period and seeks to file motion to dismiss Hammon case.
1990April 6:Court Status call, Corporation Counsel Reid and Grossman say no agreement exists. Judge refers case to Special Master. D.C., Hammon, Local 36 to each pay 1/3 costs.
1990March 26:Deputy Corporation Counsel tries to present new, nonnegotiated Consent Decree.
1990February 1 - March 22:D.C. and Hammon redraft agreement, include Local settlement on promotions, Mayor authorizes settlement figure. Consent Decree agreed upon.
1990January 29:Court status call, Corporation Counsel switches agreed to Consent Decree, Judge suggest redraft.
1990January 26:Joint meeting of parties, Corporation Counsel agrees to settle Hammon case, continue to work on settlement of joint Hammon/Byrne settlement
1989December 19:Joint Hammon/Byrne letter to Corporation Counsel Valentine to schedule meeting of all parties to continue to work on settlement. Valentine attempting to abort.
1989November 1:Final draft Consent Decree submitted to Corporation Counsel for signatures.
1989October 2:Joint Hammon/Byrne Settlement Proposal submitted to Corporation Counsel Reid. D.C. expresses shock at Hammon/Local 36 settlement.
1989August:Corporation Counsel Reid tells Hammon plaintiffs to settle suit with Local 36 first.
1989July/August:Settlement talks go forward, issues resolved, papers ready for signatures, Corporation Counsel Cooke resigns.
1989June:Progressive Fire Fighters Associations pickets Corporation Counsel’s Office, South African Branch, for racist handling of Hammon case.
1989April 19:Explosive situation led to slayings by firefighter: Tippett said Parson is only one who has reached boiling point over lack of promotions.
1989March 1:Hammon plaintiffs submit comprehensive settlement proposal to Mayor Barry and D.C. officials.
1988June 1:High Court snubs D.C. hiring plan, U.S. Supreme Court declined yesterday to review decision of U.S. Court of Appeals.
1988May 6:Hammon plaintiffs files brief in supreme Court stating case does merit review on grounds of lack of standing of Justice Department and Local 36.
1988March:D.C. appeal firefighter case to U.S. Supreme Court.
1988February 26:Fire Department overtime costs soar: $80 million total in 5 years reported. Costs result from "manning formulas” and racial discrimination lawsuit
1988January 7:Four white captains win promotions to battalion chief under settlement with city and their attorneys receive $150,000 in fees.
1987November 23:D.C. Fire, Police hiring plans back in U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Affirmative Action Cases to be reheard.
D.C. settles Police hiring Plan, foils rehearing of Fire Department case.
1987June 26:D.C. files new Affirmative Action Plan, admits discrimination vs. Blacks.
1987May 7:Fire Chief admits race lies at root of problems in DCFD.
1987April 22:D.C. ordered to answer Hammon Complaint.
1987April 21:New Job Plan ordered for firefighters, D.C. gets 30-day deadline.
1987April 20:Supporters say criticisms by Local 36 of Chief Coleman unjustified.
1987March 25:Supreme Court rulings mad aid D.C. Fire Department’s hiring plan supporting Affirmative Action.
1987February 27:U.S. Court of Appeals in divided opinion throws out D.C.’s 1985 Affirmative Action Plan.
1987January 9:Hammon plaintiffs amend lawsuit, add charges of violation of Constitution for continuing effects of segregation.
1986October 14:Mayor Barry accused of stalling and his inaction is blocking efforts to resolve lawsuit says Progressive Fire Fighters Association. Black Firefighters demonstrate outside District Building.
1986October:Hammon plaintiffs initiate settlement discussions with D.C.
1986June 23:Firefighters lawsuit closer to resolution: All parties submit joint stipulation, approved by court, that named a three member panel to draft a “lawful, job- related, valid selection procedure” for promotions to be completed later this year.
1986February 6:D.C. Fire Promotions delayed because of litigation over affirmative action. No new exam schedule.
1986February 3:City to pay $100,000 to white fireman in lawsuit settlement for back pay and retirement benefits for reverse discrimination.