The List of Scheduled Events With Progressive Fire Fighters Association of Washington DC

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2023 General Membership Meeting Schedule

Dates and locations are subject to change!

*Denny’s Restaurant located at 1250 Bladensburg Road NE Washington DC

January 10THTuesday10AM#2Denny's*
February 9THThursday10AM#4Denny's*
March 7THTuesday10AM#2Denny's*
April 11THTuesday10AM#1Denny's*
May 11THThursday10AM#3Denny's*
June 6THTuesday10AM#1Denny's*
September 12THTuesday10AM#3Denny's*
October 10THTuesday10AM#3Denny's*
November 2NDThursday10AM#2Denny's*
December 5THTuesday10AM#3Denny's*


Below are the list of upcoming events with PFFADC.  View and Participate with Progressive Firefighters Association of Washington DC!


Future Virtual Events will be posted here!

No events scheduled now.

Check back frequently to stay updated.

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Progressive Fire Fighters Associations of Washington DC Google Calendar

Progressive Fire Fighters Associations Calendar